Beaumont sur Vesle

Status: Grand Cru
Region: Montagne de Reims

The vineyards are located in the southwestern part of the commune on a flat area. Pinot Noir is grown in a vineyard near the Grand Cru village of Verzy.

Vineyard Area:
28.30 ha (69.9 acres)
4.30 ha Chardonnay
0.30 ha Meunier
23.70 ha Pinot Noir

Operators: 36
Portion of the vineyards owned by: Louis Roederer

Soil Composition:
The majority of the vineyards are made of silt and chalk.

Champagne Growers:
Virigile Portier, Joël Vautier

Champagne Négociants:


Single Vineyard Sites:
Clos Virgile