Status: Grand Cru
Region: Montagne de Reims

The village is located on flatter land at the base of the Montagne de Reims slope. It is one of the less well known of the Champagne Grands Crus owing to its relatively modest size of barely 18 hectares.

Vineyard Area:
18.8 ha (46.4 acres)
6.20 ha Chardonnay
2.70 ha Meunier
9.90 ha Pinot Noir

Operators: 12
Portion of the vineyards owned by: Moët & Chandon

Soil Composition:
The majority of the vineyards soil is chalk.

Champagne Growers:
François Chaumont, Ludovic Dumont, Michel Duval

Champagne Négociants:


Single Vineyard Sites:
Les Petits Vignes